Archive – Completed projects

A Journey to Palmyra
An interactive mapping of the afterlife of Palmyra in digital traces, memories and data collected on the Internet.
Impossible Escapes
An escape and evasion map for Neural magazine and transmediale festival 2017.
Augmented Space
Knowledge production in hybrid spaces augmented by interactive and locative media.
Machine Love?
Creativity cultures in underground electronic music production and software engineering.
Designed Immediacy
Atmospheric experience in an affective-responsive environment.
UbiComp for knowledge transfer
Ubiquitous Computing for knowledge transfer, exhibition design and museum operations.
Places for virtual-informal communication.
Moulding the Human Being
Clothing as a cultural practice: The example of Hanro, 1884 to 2012.
Reset Modernity!
Design research and concept development for the exhibition at ZKM Karlsruhe.
Unmaking: 5 Anxieties
Card deck publication and discussion event on maker culture and its discontents.
Studio Algorhythmics
An ongoing inquiry into algorhythmic structures in our contemporary life, culture and society.
Experimental Data Aesthetics
Multi-sensory exploration of high-dimensional data sets as an issue in design research.
Poetics and Politics of Data
Exhibition and publication project around artistic critiques of Big Data.
Three Questions On Media Criticality
A Field Notebook and Critical Media Salon for transmediale 2015.
Spacial Perception
Cross-border everyday life seen from an interdisciplinary perspective.
Artistic Research
Fostering the debates and institutional structures for artistic research.
Digital Campus
Developing a digital infrastructure for the new campus of the Academy of Art and Design FHNW.
Hertzian Design & Experiments
Electromagnetic fields as a medium for creative expression and research.
Hertzian Design & Experiments
Electromagnetic fields as a medium for creative expression and research.
Large-Scale Indoor Tracking
New tracking methods for interactive works in transitory spaces.
Esthetics of sustainability in the Basel border area.
Current Projects

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