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Reset Modernity!

The exhibition Reset Modernity!, conceived and curated by Bruno Latour and the research team behind An Inquiry Into Modes of Existence (AIME). The AIME project, located at Sciences Po médialab in Paris, is an anthropology of modernity, comprising a book, an online research platform, an ongoing series of events and the Reset Modernity! exhibition. The exhibition is going to form a further, very different rendering and extension of the inquiry. It is framed within the Globale program at ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe and will open in April 2016.

The show takes the form of a Gedankenausstellung, that is, a crossing between an exhibition and a thought experiment. The exhibition is designed to enable experimentation and recomposition of the values and concepts of modernity. Artworks, documents and other artifacts are arranged around such values and invite us to take inventory (without overview), to disentangle (without ultimate ‘clarity’), and make decisions about what to keep and what to sort out. In a time where modernity has led to a crisis of planetary proportion, visitors are asked to reset its operating system. It is a reset that is not a reboot to zero but compositional in nature.

The Critical Media Lab is commissioned with design research and concept development for the exhibition scenography. In close collaboration with the research team of AIME we are developing conceptual and material metaphors that remodel the theoretical gesture of the inquiry into a spatial experience for the visitors.

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