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Hertzian Design & Experiments

The dawn of wireless information infrastructures gives only a small glimpse of the vast creative potential of innovative technologies using the insensible electromagnetic fields as a medium. The realm of touchscreens and other tactile interfaces would be another area for applications. Inspired by Anthony Dunne’s “Hertzian Tales” the project inquires the possibilities of “Hertzian Design and Experiments”.

Antennae will build the initial objects of experimentation. Two simple research objectives will lead the project: A). Building a prototype of a playful interface based on electrical capacitance of the human body. B). Further experimentation on the audification of wireless communication networks (100MHz to 2.4 GHz), prototyping of directional antennae and inquiry of possible applications in the field of urban studies/ architecture based on the project “Detektors” (initiated by Shintaro Miyazaki and Martin Howse).

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