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Digital Campus – Strategic Initiative FHNW

The “Digital Campus” is a large-scale initiative and one backbone of the development of the Academy of Art and Design at the new “Campus of the Arts Basel” and beyond that, for the FHNW as a whole.

It aims at supplying a digital infrastructure that supports and augments the teaching and research activities of the school. It is conceived as a knowledge-oriented and interactive platform, both in a physical and in a virtual sense, that enables a cross-disciplinary coordination of different purposes: the transfer, communication, management, application, and archiving of knowledge, training and development as well as the coordination of interdisciplinary projects in teaching and research.

Conceptually, artisticly, and technologically the initiative will focus on visualization, simulation, and broadcasting as well as rapid prototyping. A further integral part will be taken by the Critical Media Lab, under the direction of the IXDM.

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