The Palais des Beaux Arts Wien is a historic surface dedicated to the projection of past, present and future alike. Hosting a collection of commissioned artworks and texts on a wireless router, the Palais surrounds an Art Nouveau building built in 1908 of the same name with a cloud of data. As a site, it folds time into today. As a host, it questions how what has changed also seems to repeat itself in everyday life; political cycles, socio-economic divisions, media and the art that both inspires and is absorbed by these untethered, wireless and invisible technologies.

Bernhard Garnicnig, now researcher at IXDM, has been the founding Very Artistic Director of the Palais des Beaux Arts Wien between 2014–2018.

continent 7.1. convenes text and artworks from the past four years into an edited issue around topics of institution as political and creative practice, digital materiality of electromagnetic art collection and latency and legacy in the folds and creases of time and space.

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