Critical Media Lab’s Jamie Allen will be at Kunsthal Aarhus next month for the collaborative exhibition My Holy Nacho.

Unboxing: My Holy Nacho is an invitation to witness the culmination of a year long sculptural performance. An unknown object, created ‘by the internet’, will be delivered and unpacked live at Kunsthal Aarhus at 6PM the evening of March 18th. It will be the first time anyone, including the artists Garnicnig and Allen, will see the artwork. It is a montage as vernissage event, to the public, paying homage to performative online culture of the unboxing of products and gadgets.

My Holy Nacho is a durational, transactional and transnational art project that has been underway for over a year and a half. It exists as an exchange between two people who enjoy misunderstanding one another, using the gaps in communications via electronic media to create an artwork. For My Holy Nacho, a single object is sent to different manufacturers and workshops to have various ‘processes’ applied to it. Each process is chosen, in secret and in turn, by the collaborating artists. Resulting in a sculptural object, the work is built from broken transmissions and mistranslations that occur online — even the title of the work is the result of a misunderstanding: A mis­hearing of the name Moholy­ Nagy; a mumbly mispronunciation in a Canadian accent to an Austrian not­-so­-native speaker.

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