Negative Emissions Plant Model, State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization, Zhejiang University, photo by Jamie Allen

Cycles of Circulation present “Trace Carbon”, a workshop at the 2020 Art Meets Radical Openness festival, this year proceeding predominantly online.

The workshop, production and discussion will occupy itself with the evocations of the phrase “trace elements”, which refers to materials and chemicals with very low concentrations. Carbon is literally everywhere on earth — it is anything but “trace” as an element — and yet tracking its flows and tracing its usage has become a global fixation, through marketisation, logistification, footprinting and storytelling. The workshop features presentations of ongoing related work, and a ‘reader’. The workshop itself will involve recordings of ‘carbon traces’ — stories by and with participants — to be published in some form through the Cycles of Circulation project, compiled and edited by Caroline Sinders.

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