Where there is life, there is waste. What goes in, comes out – eternal transformation. Waste is a material that is perceived differently depending on the context. Whether it is a promising resource or the inevitable leftover: what declines can’t be disposed tracelessly. Here, the life of a smartphone is focused as typical product of our times. Smooth, beautiful and high-tech, it leaves many kinds of waste: slag, altered landscapes and people who work under unworthy conditions.

The exhibition gives an insight into the transdisciplinary research project Times of Waste. It examines the transformation processes of the smartphone and its components from an aesthetic-theoretical perspective: An object biography maps various transport routes and recycling movements. It tells about economic transformations and novel relationships. Their research lead the team to landfills, shredders, repair shops, testing facilities, research laboratories and to various waste materials and people who were willing to share their knowledge.

The audio walk wastescapes has also emerged in the context of the research project. It pursues various movements of people, animals, plants, materials and goods in Basel’s border area. On May 5 / 6 / 12 / 13 and June 10 2017 the walk will be carried out as supporting program of the exhibition.

Information and registration until April 27 on www.times-of-waste.ch/en/audiowalk-en/.

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