For the fourth session of this season’s research colloquium we welcome Tabea Lurk to discuss The Reflexive Library? Media reflexivity in the context of media driven information retrieval:

Literally representing a scientific information distributor (the HGK Media Library), my input assumes that – at least at a certain level of system thinking – intersections of concepts of information and those of media reflexivity can be found. Even though the nature of information and that of media reflexivity are different, there is a number of equivalences or rather similar behaviors of both, which makes me think of a semantic vicinity.

The input has three chapters: first I want to ask what information is (or rather might be). Following common concepts of information retrieval are presented, before I want to hand the question over to the audience in order to learn from you how far the presented ideas might be related to artistic or design driven ideas or processes of search, research and the reflexive use of information within artistic production processes.

A good introduction to the topic presents the exhibition Infosphere which is currently shown at ZKM Karlsruhe as part of the Globale-Cycle:

The (unfortunately only German) preface/introduction of Peter Weibel, explaining the phenomena.

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