Photo: Tanja Meißner ©AIME Inquiry

The Critical Media Lab is organizing a tour/workshop at the exhibition Reset Modernity!, currently on display at ZKM Karlsruhe. The workshop is led by Jamie Allen (IXDM), Paolo Patelli (designer and researcher, co-developer of the scenography of the show) and Benoît Verjat (médialab Sciences Po Paris).

The Reset Modernity! exhibition proposes a set of data and procedures intended to recalibrate and re-sensitise ourselves as ‘modern subjects’. This tour/workshop proposes a further ‘testing’ of this recalibration towards their continuation into other contexts, including everyday life outside the museum. We will tour the exhibition and develop together a set of ideas for continuing the Reset! that the RM! exhibition puts forward. In so doing, we will extending the procedures proposed, and create together a ‘shadow exhibition’ that extends into experience outside of modernist institutions.

1:00PM — Open tour of RM!
2:00PM — Developing RM! Tests
3:30PM — Capturing RM! Tests
4:30PM — Sharing RM! Tests

The result of the day will be a media-based ‘shadow exhibition’ that captures the tests proposed by tour participants.

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