Model for 151 Allmendstrasse by Jeremy Waterfield, 2018

151 Allmendstrasse is a temporary bookshop in Zürich-Manegg initiated by Ann-Kathrin Eickhoff and Institution as a Way of Life researcher Lucie Kolb. Located in an empty shop on the ground floor of the recently completed cooperative building on the fringes of Zurich, “151 Allmendstrasse” opened in summer 2018 for two months. “151 Allmendstrasse” had books on issues of collectivity, instituent practices, and feminism. Invited artists and critics such as Jamie Allen, Bernhard Garnicnig selected them. A series of lectures and readings discussed some of the books. The bookshop had, for example, the complete collection of the first 65 publications of the Berlin-based publisher Merve which was loaned by Philipp Messner. Before becoming one of the influential voices of what was to be “theory” as a genre in Germany in the 1980s and 90s, Merve acted as a Marxist collective chose and translated texts mostly by contemporary French and Italian theorists and made them accessible in the form of cheaply produced books. Philipp Messner together with Ann-Kathrin Eickhoff organize a reading group on the last book of this series, a publication by Merve Lowien, co-founder of the publisher, called “Weibliche Produktivkraft – Gibt gibt eine andere Ökonomie?” (Female Productive Power – Is There Another Economy). Published in 1977 the book looks back on the first years of the publishing endeavor and its aim to overcome the separation of manual and intellectual labor.

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