Karolina Sobecka will moderate a research workshop on techno-aesthetic and ecology.

This method workshop brings together local and international researchers exploring techno-aesthetic and -scientific approaches towards natureculture. The particular focus is on the sensorial and technical dimensions of scientific and aesthetic research and their impact for an ecological awareness. Furthermore, the workshop serves to critically discuss adopted methods and to question the role of technology for human’s perception of the world.

What kind of techniques might provide us with an open sensorium towards the environment? What are the methods? What the technologies? What kind of processes, relations and aesthetics emerge out of them, and how can we tackle a more-than-human approach?

Yves Citton (Paris)
Anna Krzywoszynska (Sheffield)
Christoph Kueffer (Rapperswil/Zürich)
Jacopo Rasmi (Nancy)
Andreas Rigling (Birmensdorf)
Alexandra Toland (Weimar/ Berlin)
and the Team Ecodata–Ecomedia–Ecoaesthetics (Yvonne Volkart, lead; Marcus Maeder, Rasa Smite, Aline Veillat).

Moderation and Wrap-Up:
Felipe Castelbianco and Karolina Sobecka (Basel)

For registration, send an email to: yvonne.volkart@fhnw.ch (until May 5).

Institute of Aesthetic Practice and Theory IAeP, HGK FHNW
SNSF Research Project Ecodata–Ecomedia–Ecoaesthetics

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