Sophie Kellner – Research Assistant

After achieving the BA in Textile Engineering (Albstadt, DE), Sophie Kellner completed her Master’s degree in Fashion and Integrative Design at the Masterstudio Design of the FHWN Academy of Arts and Design Basel.

Sophie is dedicated to the diversity of the textile medium regarding haptics, interaction and its application as space and body environment. Linked to the topic of ubiquitous computing, she experiments with electronics and combines them with handcrafted textiles to examine an alternative aesthetics of electronic appearance and user interaction.

Along with engagements for costume design at the Theatre of Basel and the New Theatre Dornach (CH), Sophie realizes her own space stagings and teaches electronic-textile techniques at institutions such as HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel), HGK (Basel) and schools.

Talks / Presentations

Wicked Fabrics- textile electronic tenderness at Junior Design Research Conference, Geneva CH, Nov 2018

Exhibitions / Shows

Klingeln bei Meier, bitte. An interactive space-design for positive future storytelling, lotsremark Projekte Basel, Nov 2019

Textile electronic tenderness, an interactive space-shell, exhibiting at Designer’s Saturday, Langenthal (CH), Nov 2018

Funding / Grants

Funding by Department of Culture Basel-City for Klingeln bei Meier, bitte.

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