Dr Sandra Álvaro Sanchez – Teaching Fellow

Sandra Álvaro works at the intersection of art, philosophy and technology. She develops a theory grounded in practice for the mapping of conceptual frameworks which improve our understanding of the current sociotechnical system and its relations with the Anthropocene. Among her research main areas are the aesthetics and politics of computational technologies; the epistemology of data-driven models; collaborative design and the emergence of new communities of practice; the commons and environmental justice; new materialism and posthumanist philosophy.

Sandra Álvaro holds a PhD in Philosophy from the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona. Her dissertation, “Postdigital City. Aesthetics and Politics in the Space of Embodied Virtuality”, was awarded the mention of International Doctorate and was included in the Leonardo Labs Abstracts Service. She also holds MA’s in Contemporary Art Theory (UAB) and Philosophy of Culture (UB) and a Diploma in Fine Arts from the Escola Massana in Barcelona.
She has been research fellow of the program of Culture Analytics at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) in the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and invited artist/researcher at the Laboratoire Paragraphe/CITU at the University Paris 8.


Álvaro, Sandra. (2019). “Artistic production and embodied information. Tracking Spaces of Transformation” at Rasa Smite & Raitis Smits (eds.) VIRTUALITIES AND REALITIES New Experiences, Art and Ecologies in Immersive Environments, Acoustic Space Journal, Vol. 17.

Álvaro, Sandra. (2018). “A topological space for design, participation and production. Tracking spaces of transformation” at New perspectives on the implications of peer production for social change, Journal of Peer Production, Issue 13: OPEN
http://peerproduction.net — ISSN 2213-5316

Álvaro, Sandra. (2018). “The public sphere in the epoch of the algorithmic hyper-mediation: Fake News, disinformation, misinformation and the commodification of behaviour”. At Hipertext.net, El futuro digital de los hechos. n. 17, Nov. 2018. DOI: 10.31009/hipertext.net.2018.i17.07

Álvaro, Sandra. (2016). “Art and Data: the aesthetic emergence of knowledge” at Everardo Reyes-García, Pierre Châtel-Innocenti, Khaldoun Zreik (eds.) Archiving and Questioning Immateriality Proceedings of the 5th Computer art Congress, Europia productions, Paris, pp.108-126

Álvaro, Sandra. (2015). “Disruptive Strategies in The Postdigital City”. Proceedings of the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art. ISSN: 2451-8611 ISBN: 978-1-910172-00-1

Talks / Presentations

ICA (International Communication Association) 68th Annual Conference, Pre-conference: “The Design of Networked Objects to the Design as Object, Design as Method: Making Critical Communication Futures” 2018, Prague

Annual Deleuze Scholarship Conference. # 7 DELEUZE and the POLITICS of SUSTAINABILITY- 2018 – Utrecht University, Utrecht

Arts Incognita. Poetics of Artificial Creativity: Symposium on Art and Artificial Intelligence. Organizers: Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (Consejería de Cultura) and School of Creative Media (Hong Kong) (March 15-17, 2018, Cordoba, Spain)
Invited Talk: “Intelligent Machines Analysing/Producing Culture”

Open Fields Conference 2 – Virtualities and Realities. Organizers: RIXC Art Science Festival (October 19-21, 2017, Riga, Latvia)
Paper: “Behind the Black Mirror. PostDigital Art unveiling the sociotechnical systems”

Computer Art Congress 5 – Digital Art: Archiving and Questioning Immateriality. Organizers: Laboratoire Paragraphe/CITU (October 26th-28th, 2016, Paris, France)
Published paper: “Art and Data: the aesthetic emergence of knowledge”

ISEA 2015 – Disruption. Organizers: ISEA International (August 14th-19th, 2015, Vancouver, Canada)
Published paper: “Disruptive Strategies in The Postdigital City

Awards / Fellowships

IPAM Fellow (2016- 2019) – Cultural Analitics Workshop- Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics – UCLA (EUA)

Visiting Researcher (2009) at Laboratoire Paragraphe/ CITU in Paris 8

Grants for young professionals of the Cultural Industry, Ministery of Culture of Spain – 2009.


Adjunct Professor at Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (2019-2020)

  • Contemporary Art (BA in Art History). New Materialism and the Historiography of New Media and Computer Art“
  • Contemporary Art (BA in Audio-visual Communication). Art, new communication formats and the Critics of New Media“

Professor at Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes (2018 – 2020)

  • Innovation Startegies for the Cultural and Creative Industries
  • Human Resources: Team Management and Distributed Leadership in Cultural and Creative Industries

Lecturer at the BA in Art and Technology (Roy Ascott Studio, DeTao Masters Academy, Shanghai, CHINA)

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