Ryan Jordan – Visiting Researcher

Ryan Jordan is an electronic noise artist whose work explores noise and a literal approach to DIY electronics. Recent projects include the creation of sound generating devices constructed with raw metals and mineral ores. The devices are then used in live audiovisual performances utilising high volume noise and powerful stroboscopic light in an attempt to create powerful, hallucinatory phenomena within the audience members aimed toward provoking a liberating, communal and shared experience. These projects have been presented internationally as live performances and workshops at festivals, concerts and conferences in the UK, Europe, America and China.

Currently undertaking a PhD at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, Ryan’s thesis presents practice-based research to explore new and alternative ways to construct sound generating instruments based on fundamental scientific developments which form our contemporary media landscape. These include crude re-interpretations of the computer, screen, memory, internet and playback systems. The hypothesis being that by revealing the often occluded, back ground processes and infrastructure of technology we can potentially reveal our own occluded physiological and cognitive processes and consciously observe them at work simultaneously functioning as one.

Ryan also runs NNNNN / noise=noise, an experimental noise research laboratory and live performance platform operating as an open place for people to experiment with electronic music and art. The aim of this project is to disseminate knowledge and to act as an informal, alternative and autonomous network enabling people to create and express themselves via technology and experimental audiovisual arts.

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