Dr. Marion Mertens – Researcher

Dr. Marion Mertens, studied environmental sciences at the Technical University of Brunswick/Germany and specialized in water quality assessment and fish ecology. PhD about a lake restoration project in northern Bavaria at the University of Bayreuth. From 2004 to 2008 she worked at the Eawag (the swiss water research institute) and developed an action plan to protect brown trout in Swiss rivers.

Since 2008 she is a collaborator at the Basel consultant agency “Life Science AG”, mainly concerned with aquatic ecology. Between 2010 and 2013 she was part of the RhyCycling-team (for further details see www.rhycycling.ixdm.ch).


Mertens, M. (2007): 10-Punkte-Plan – Gesunde Fische in unseren Fliessgewässern. Hrsg: Fischnetz+, Eawag, Bundesamt für Umwelt, Bern. Available in German, French and Italian, 24 pp.

M. Mertens et al. (2011): Der Lachs – ein Fisch kehrt zurück. Haupt-Verlag, Bern, 264 pp.

M. Mertens & D. Küry (2013): Historische Lachsfangmethoden am Hochrhein und Oberrhein. Mitt. der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft Basel 14, pp. 21-38.

Conference / Workshops Organization

Triregional Salmon-Symposium Feb. 13/14 2015, Messe Basel – in collaboration with the Basel Anglers Association (www.rheinlachs.ch)


Worked as a lecturer for the following institutions:
University of Basel
Fachhochschule Wädenswil
Basellandschaftlicher Natur- und Vogelschutzverband

Networking Activities

since 2004: Member of the Swiss association of fish supervisors

since 2006: board member of the anglers association Baselland

since 2009: Member of Fach Frauen Umwelt

Related Projects

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