Dr. Christine Schranz – Researcher / PI

Christine Schranz holds a PhD and an MA in Design and is a senior researcher and lecturer at the Academy of Art and Design in Basel. She is currently leading the SNF-project “The Commons in Design – Open Source and Open Design in Contemporary Design Processes”. The main question that the research project addresses is how the concept of design can be extended and reconsidered within the context of digitization and thus the changing self-image of the designers. The research project generates essential insights, firstly into the understanding of ‘knowledge practices in the open design process’, and secondly into ‘collaborative spaces and media’. Thirdly, specific design models and methodologies shall be developed within the context of design research.

Since September 2016 she is on the management of the Institute of Integrative Design Masterstudio Design. There she is responsible for the module, Design Research, and the research program at the Institute and Masterprogram. With the Masterstudio Design, the Academy of Art and Design offers an international Master’s degree course in Design in which inquisitive creatives from different disciplines, the liberal arts as well as related sciences, develop new perspectives for their professional careers.

Christine Schranz has broad knowledge of design strategies and design methodology and teaches design studies at several universities in Switzerland and Germany. She was SNF-research fellow at Winchester School of Art – University of Southampton and Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen and a SNF-predoctoral fellow at the TU Berlin. Before starting her career in design research, she was head of the Graphic Design Unit at the Berne University of the Arts and employed as a professional designer for brand agencies in Zurich, such as Meta Design, ivony and Külling Partner Identity, amongst others.


Single-authored books

Schranz, Christine (2019). Augmented Spaces and Maps. Das Design von kartenbasierten Interfaces. Basel: Birkhäuser Verlag. (im Druck)

Schranz, Christine (2013). Von der Dampf- zur Nebelmaschine. Szenografische Strategien zur Vergegenwärtigung von Industriegeschichte am Beispiel der Ruhrtriennale (Szenografie & Szenologie). Bielefeld: transcript.

Edited books

Schranz, Christine (Hg.) (2016). Nach der Kaserne. Robert Gessler Verlag. Friedrichshafen.

Schranz, Christine (Hg.) (2011). Von der Textilfabrik zur Kunsthochschule. Bern: Schriftenreihe Konservierung und Restaurierung HKB.

Schranz, Christine; Steudler, Sandro (Hg.) (2007). Von an- und abwesenden Räumen. Ein Freitagsprojekt der Hochschule der Künste Bern zum Hochschulgebäude. Bern: Schriftenreihe der Hochschule der Künste Bern.


Schranz, Christine (2018). «Commons for Mapping: How Social Computing Changes the Design of Interfaces.» Interface Critique Journal 1. Hg. v. Florian Hadler, Alice Soiné und Daniel Irrgang, S. 168–175.

Schranz, Christine (2017). «Die Karte als Interface.» In: Institut für Immersive Medien (Hg.): Interaktive Medien: Interfaces – Netze – Virtuelle Welten (Jahrbuch Immersive Medien 2016). Marburg: Schüren, S. 27–37.

Schranz, Christine (2016). «Die Flakkaserne am Fallenbrunnen.» In: Schranz, Christine (Hg.): Nach der Kaserne.  Friedrichshafen: Robert Gessler, S. 29–36.

Schranz, Christine (2016). «Vom Disziplinarraum zum erweiterten Raum.» In: Schranz, Christine (Hg.): Nach der Kaserne. Friedrichshafen: Robert Gessler, S. 69–98.

Schranz, Christine (2016). «Fallenbrunnen Walk. Form einer alternativen Erinnerungskultur.» In: Schranz, Christine (Hg.): Nach der Kaserne. Friedrichshafen: Robert Gessler, S. 339–349.

Schranz, Christine (2015). «Unbequeme Baudenkmale. Zwischen Verschleierung, Pragmatismus und Erinnerungskultur(en).» In: Bohn, Ralf/Wilharm, Heiner (Hg.): Inszenierung und Politik. (Szenografie & Szenologie, Bd. 11). Bielefeld, S. 99–119.

Schranz, Christine (2014). «Augmented Reality in Design. Thinking about Hybrid Forms of Virtual and Physical Space in Design.»In: Marcus, Aaron (Hg.).Design, User Experience, and Usability: User Experience Design for Diverse Interaction Platforms and Environments.Third International Conference, DUXU 2014, Kreta, 22.–27. Juni 2014, Teil II, LNCS 8518. Heidelberg: Springer, S. 624–635.

Schranz, Christine; Steudler, Sandro (2009). «Between Disciplines» In: The Centre for Learning and Teaching in Art and Design (ed.): Enhancing Curricula. London, S. 492-1–492-7.

Other applicable results

Schranz, Christine (2019). Augmented Space, Augmented-Reality Applikation zum Basler Zollfreilager (Augmented Space. A Scenographical Observation, SNF-Projekt 159277)

Schranz, Christine (2018). A Journey to Palmyra (Digital Memory of Palmyra – an approach to artistic research, SNF-Karriere 173884)

Schranz, Christine (2015). Fallenbrunnen Walk (Nach der Kaserne, SNF-Karriere 145779/1)

Schranz, Christine (2014) Ghost Machines (Von der Dampf- zur Nebelmaschine, SNF-Karriere 134336/1) 

Exhibitions / Shows
Awards / Fellowships

Research Fellow (SNF), Archaeologies of Media and Technology research group, Prof. Dr. Jussi Parikka, Winchester School of Art (GB), 01.10.–31.12.2017.

Research Fellow (SNF), Lehrstuhl Kunsttheorie & Inszenatorische Praxis, Prof. Dr. Karen van den Berg, Zeppelin Universität, Friedrichshafen (D), 03.2013–08.2014.

Pre-Doctoral Research Fellow (SNF), Institut für Bildende Kunst, Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bürkle, TU Berlin (D), 06.2011–05.2012.

Networking Activities

– Deutsche Gesellschaft für Designtheorie und -forschung (dgtf)

– Netzwerk Designgeschichte Schweiz

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