Cedric Spindler – Researcher

Cedric Spindler is a sound artist and developer in the field of electronic musical instruments. In his work he combines acousmatic sound aesthetics and electronic music with intuitive controls, based on sensitive interaction design. He focuses on the direct, haptic intervention in sound design and on a tactile experience of timbral transformations, creating expressive instruments and multi-layered compositions. His artistic work coalesces with sound and video installation experience in stage productions at the Theater Basel and in research and development in the fields of sound design, AI, sensor technology and physical computing.
After completing his computer science training, Cedric Spindler studied Audiodesign (MA in composition and music theory) and free improvisation at the Music Academy in Basel. He teaches at the music and art academies in Basel, Bern and Zurich and works on various research projects.


Robinson, F., Spindler, C., Böhm, V., & Oña, E. (2015, October). Gestural control in electronic music performance: sound design based on the ‘striking’ and ‘bowing’ movement metaphors. In Proceedings of the Audio Mostly 2015 on Interaction With Sound (p. 26). ACM.

Awards / Fellowships

1st prize winner at the Swiss Cultural Challenge 2018
Finalist at the 2018 Swiss Innovation Challenge



Sound Arts HKB BFH:
– Angewandte Audioprogrammierung und DSP
– Physical Computing / Arduino
Audiodesign, Elektronisches Studio, Musikakademie Basel FHNW:
– Einführung in die Elektronische Music
– Programmiersprachen und -Umgebungen, fortgeschritten
Master Sounddesign ZHdK:
– Interactive Sound


Gesture-based Performance System (GePS)

Performance system for musical applications, using a sensor unit to capture performer gestures and a system of transformation and sound modules to translate the gestures to sound.

Tactile Audio: Powerfully expressive musical instruments

Tactile Audio creates musical instruments that empower electronic musicians to perform amazing shows. We use innovative input devices and an extremely versatile instrument design to give you near-unlimited possibilities and have each one feel tailor-made.

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