Benoît Verjat – Junior Researcher

Benoît Verjat is research designer working inside and outside academia with scientists (anthropologists, sociologists, biologists, geographers or ethologists), artists, public institutions, grassroots collectives or performers on their investigations, action research or inquiry-based projects. His actions aim to expand what can be expected from information and documents in the context of public knowledge production by caring and injecting ‘way of doing’, instruments, performance or collective dynamics. He was trained as a designer at HEAR (Strasbourg) and in art and politics at SPEAP experimental program in Sciences Po. He has been a researcher at Sciences Po’s Médialab (Paris), EnsadLab/reflective interaction (Paris), the critical medialab (Basel). Since 2011, he is a teacher at ENSAD Nancy and a member of the graphic, interaction, editorial and in situ design collective g.u.i. With Alexis de Raphélis he created in 2014 the experimental documentary collective excellando. He is currently PhD researcher within Ground Tests at Critical Media Lab Basel.

Related Projects

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