A Cargo Cult is a practice amongst indigenous populations that consists in imitating western culture and technology with the hope of arriving at the same effects. Since 2013, Supercargo has been the means by which Vienna-based artist and researcher Peter Moosgaard has performed and collected ritual appropriations and subversive imitations of technology and products of mass consumption. In a society that is submerged by the artefacts that result from constant technological innovation, the rituals and mimicry at work in Supercargo establish the comforting technological object as the ultimate symbol, a symbol of power, class and lifestyle. For the followers of a cargo cult, this symbolic power and a desire gives rise to, transcends the simple act of consumption by means of various ritual practices of simulation, caricature, imitation, plagiarism and substitution. These practices propose an exotic and distorted mirror image of the cults at work in western society.


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