As part of the Soft Encounters: Infrastructure, Intimacy & Care class this term, we (Michaela Büsse, Lucie Kolb, Jamie Allen) will be holding a screening of “Salt of the Earth”, a beautiful, problematic, salient and provocative 1954 docu-drama about Mexican workers at a Zinc mine that call and succeed with a general strike, impelled by the demands and solidarity of their wives, mothers and daughters. The director, Herbert J. Biberman, and much of the production team were blacklisted by the Hollywood establishment due to their involvement in communist politics. The female lead, Rosaura Revueltas, a Mexican actress, was deported during shooting so some of her scenes had to be secretly filmed in Mexico.

Please feel free to invite friends, old and new foreign and domestic, and we’ll try to arrange for some wine and popcorn.

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