The next session of the Critical Media Lab Colloquium will take place, Wednesday, 6. May 2015 at the Critical Media Lab (D 3.05) from 9:15 to 10:45 AM.

For the fifth session of this term’s Critical Media Lab colloquium series — Rendering Research — we host a session with Leonie Häsler and Felix Gerloff on Researching Media:

This session’s subject Researching Media will unfold the relations between media and research on three levels: media being used in research, research on media & rendering research in media. The two texts by Jonathan Sterne and Erhard Schüttpelz/Sebastian Gießmann focus on the middle aspect of their respective upcoming media research programs which we want to discuss in respect to the participants’ approaches.

To include new formats of rendering research in media some examples of online journals and other contemporary forms will be introduced, but we ask you kindly to think of other interesting examples to discuss yourselves.

Suggested readings:

Jonathan Sterne (2012), The Meaning of a Format.

Erhard Schüttpelz, Sebastian Gießmann (2015), Medien der Kooperation. Überlegungen zum Forschungsstand, Navigationen 15/1, p. 7–54

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