With the beginning of the fall semester at the new campus ixdm is resuming its research colloquium. The colloquium of this semester is dedicated to the the question “What Constitutes Critique?”. We would like to discuss theories and practices of criticality within the field of design and media research. The colloquium thus serves as a basic discussion for defining our attitudes towards criticality in the new Critical Media Lab. Beginning this term, we opened the colloquium to Master students and we are looking forward to their contributions.

The first session will take place at 24th of September. Subsequently the colloquium will take place every-other week until the 17th of December 2014. The colloquium is scheduled from 4:15 to 5:45 PM and will be held usually both in English and German.

Please find a general statement about the colloquium and a continually updated program including materials for preparation here.

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