As part of Cornell’s College of Architecture’s 2020 Preston H. Thomas Memorial Lectures Into the Desert: Questions of Coloniality and Toxicity, convened by Assistant Professor of the History of Architecture and Urban Development Samia Henni, Solveig Suess will present Overland, There’s Shorter Time to Dream, on November 23, 4–5pm.
“In this talk and discussion, we begin from inside the dust storm. It is here where we learn how geographies that have long appeared in the peripheries of popular imagination, have been central in the formation of supply chain capitalism—contingent upon state support, concentration and monopolization of capital power, and the organization of weather and the environment itself. Such ‘random acts of violence’ brought by these storms call for an urgent need to shift our common-sense understandings and contemporary culture in ways which are both imaginary and epistemological.The symposium will draw on Solveig’s documentary-led research into the Belt and Road, mapping these constellations through interviews, field recordings, with excerpts from her documentary AAA Cargo (2018).”

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