Talking about the web in art schools shouldn’t be like explaining a joke. In this seminar #takeover, memeclassworldwide proposes a four-day intensive workshop in which participants collaborate in the making of the curriculum and narrative that is becoming memeclassworldwide.

memeclassworldwide is becoming a decentralized curriculum that seeks to advance the conversation about the relation between art education and contemporary art practices, which are primarily inspired by cultures born on the internet. What narratives of artistic practices and art education are we telling each other? Can we synchronize the canonized practices and narratives currently taught in art school with the motivations, skillsets, and inspiration that current and future generations of students take from cultures that are endemic to the internet? To which extent is today’s middle European, post-Bauhaus art academy in embrace or resistance of the transformative power of the internet? How does the Art School negotiate the changes to artistic and activist practices in relation to its central concepts? Who is writing the theory and narratives of art practice in hyperconnected late-stage capitalism?

The workshop is based on experimental pedagogical approaches that seek to foster conversations around merch, myth, and memes in relation to what artists do with today’s tools and conditions.

Contributors: Ramona Kortyka, Juan Blanco, Mateusz Dworczyk, Susannah Haslam, Karin Ferrari, Bernhard Garnicnig, Jennifer Scherler

In cooperation between the research project ‘Institutions as a Way of Life’ (IXDM/HGK Basel) and the Institute of Art and Education at Kunstuniversität Linz. Bernhard Garnicnig is a Ph.D. Researcher on Institutions as a Way of Life who joined memeclassworldwide supporting its process of instituting. Documentary video production and research support by Jennifer Scherler.

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