This year’s transmediale festival will take place from 31.01.–04.02. in Berlin under the theme of “face value”. Like in previous years, the Critical Media Lab will be present with a workshop on the last day of the festival, titled Masquerade for Commoning.

We suggest to understand “face value” spectrally, not dialectically and claim that most of the current models of valorization generate unwanted artifacts of our agricultural software running for more than four to five thousand years. How could we as artists, designers, researchers and para-academics chaotically create convincing modes of commoning and alternative living (pre-, post- and beyond-capitalistic) using media technology, which would foster more solidarity, critical turnarounds of face value and critiques of valorization and values at all? How can we re-consider commoning more critically. Join our session and discuss, sketch, design and deconstruct building blocks and conceptual machines for a game/play in the making we provisorily call Masquerade for Commoning. Participants need to pick up our limited edition paper-based mask-kit before, engage with it and pre-register here.

Workshop leaders and core participants:
Yann Martins, Michaela Büsse, Kayla Bolsinger, Felix Gerloff, Selena Savic, Viktor Bedö and Shintaro Miyazaki.

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