In her work on the main stages and in the niches of the contemporary art’s planetary megastructure, Luiza Crosman is investigating operations on how to build collective subjects which could allow for new strategies on tackling institutional resources and its infrastructures. Her work builds upon creating distributed narratives: tramas – a Portuguese word meaning at the same time weave and plot. In her presentation of recent work, she will untangle the crucial question of scale in late-stage capitalist art industry: How do artists that work with institutions can negotiate their subjectivity in order to deal with, resist or propose scaling effects into the world? How can artworks and practices acquire scale through technology? How can the institution’s appeal of faux grandeur be resisted or appropriated while using their infrastructures to acquire reach and resonance?

Luiza Crosman’s talk is part of the workshop Annotating Decentralisation & Graphic Design within the research project Institutions as a Way of Life.

Photo: Pedro Ivo Transferetti / Fundação Bienal de São Paulo. Intallation view @ 33rd São Paulo Biennial, 2018.- HermanMiller office furniture (2 chairs and 1 table), 4 metal shelves, 2 videos on 17’ monitors, multiple line dividers, 5 prints (92cmX160cm each) mounted on metallic shelves and acrylic. Solar pannels eletric system, Ethereum cripto currency miner mounted on metallic shelf.

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