In this session the weather is considered as an object of study and of governance, and weather-thinking a mode of relating to our surroundings and of performative world-making. In recent years the atmosphere have become common as a model of informational, affective, or political environments, and a mode of thinking about their constitution and control through networked, diffused, invisible and conditioning influences. Weather-thinking, through its unruly, local, and uncontrollable character, in addition foregrounds heterogeneity and embodiedness of social engagements with environments, and better captures their creative, disruptive, impassioned and troublesome dimensions in a way that leaves room open for intervention and surprise.

In this 3-part dialogue we discuss various ways of mediating and intervening in people’s relations with environments.

10.00–11.00 Remedial Weathers
with Janine Randerson (Auckland University of Technology) and Felipe Castelblanco (ECAM)

11.00–12.00 Colonial Weathers
with Sria Chatterjee (Princeton/IXDM) and Daphne Dragona (Transmediale/Berlin)

12.00–13.00 Future Weathers
with Karolina Sobecka (ECAM) and Yann Patrick Martins (IXDM)

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