The ixdm will host a discussion as well as a workshop at this year’s transmediale and the concurrent CTM festival in Berlin. Both sessions will evolve around questions of media criticality that we are heavily interested in and aim to elaborate within the scope of our Critical Media Lab.

“Three Questions on Media Criticality. A Critical Media Salon” is a discussion format about the past, present and future of criticality in, with, of and through ‘media.’ The session is an open dialogue that began online prior to the festival, via a solicitation of responses to three questions on media criticality: What are promising modes of critique today? What is critical about media technologies? What comes after critique? The collated responses are collected in a publication that will be exhibited during the festival and serve to foment a discussion at the live event. We are happy to be joined by Darsha Hewitt and Christoph Brunner as co-hosts of the discussion.

The afternoon workshop “Media Archaeology as Artistic Practice”, hosted by Shintaro Miyazaki and Jamie Allen, will look more specifically into media archaeology as a form of a critical artistic practice. Selected participants will have the opportunity to present, share, and discuss their work with researchers, artists, and theorists from a number of diverse contexts working in the field of media archaeology as an artistic practice. The workshop is mainly aimed at young and/or emerging researchers and artists but is also open to the general public.

Both events take place during the last festival day on Sunday, 1st of February. See you in Berlin!

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