Dear friends, partners, and fellows of the Institute of Research in Art and Design IDK,

We have spent the last few months on a vibrant reframing of our Institute’s activities. We have established new research topics and built up a diverse team with further promising researchers coming in from exciting backgrounds and diverse fields. We have already started to roll out exciting research projects this year, and are looking forward to move into our new research facilities including our Critical Media Lab on the “Campus of the Arts Basel”.

To better reflect these manifold changes, we have decided to accompany them with a renaming of the Institute. The IDK turns into the ixdm: Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures. This new title comprises our shared research interests in (post-)digital techniques in design, media, culture, art and knowledge and at the same time expresses the reflective and analytic as well as experimental research culture we aim to cultivate at the institute.

We invite you to have a look at our new website, that documents the recent changes and what is coming about at the institute:

We will inform you soon about the opening date and the program of our Critical Media Lab.

We are looking forward to further inspiring exchanges and productive collaborations at the “new” IXDM!

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