The Cycles of Circulation team is excited to be producing an upcoming performance lecture for the 2020 instalment of the transmediale festival of art, culture, and technology. Karolina Sobecka and Jamie Allen will present and perform on Friday evening, Friday, 31 January 2020, Double Counting: The Odum Oration.

The Odum Oration inscribes as a dramatic play the total network philosophies of nature of the ‘brothers Odum’. Before the Odums, the ecology of specific organisms and environments had been studied on a more limited scale within individual sub-disciplines of biology, as observational and directly empirical science. Many scientists doubted (and still do doubt) that ecologies could or should be studied on such a large scale, or even a discipline in itself. As such, the Odum’s brothers’ environs, personalities, institutional and personalities, approach and ethics are a precursor to globalized, ‘big science’ of remote sensing, off-planet observation and computational modelling of the contemporary cybernetic science of Ecology.

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