Critical Media Lab research project Cycles of Circulation will be featured collaborator with the Bern University Geographic Institute as resident of the new mLab residency programme.

Together with Dr. Stefan Brönnimann at the Geographic Institute and Mirko Winkel at the mLab, the research team of Cycles of Circulation will work on a project titled Climatology & Climatography, that will “examine and re-design, recompose, and re-visualize climate data and the historical context of ‘spectacles of nature’ that has been created by contemporary media, and the technoscientific and cultural framings of it.” One way this will take place will involve the creation of a bespoke media processing / data visualization rendering system for contemporary climatological data, for example.

The mLab residency jury consisted of Dr. Laura Coppens, Media Anthropologist, Institute of Social Anthropology and film maker; Laura Perler, Unit Social and Cultural Geography, Institute of Geography; Prof. Dr. Carolin Schurr, Unit Head of Social and Cultural Geography, Institute of Geography; Dr. Matthias Stürmer, Head of the Research Unit Digital Sustainability, Institute of Computer Science; Dr. des. Alexander Vorbrugg, Unit Critical Sustainability Studies, Institute of Geography; Mirko Winkel, mLAB coordinator, Institute of Geography and artist.

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