Under the title Rendering Research ixdm’s start its new Critical Media Lab Colloquium season. The theme of the spring term 2015 will revolve around how research is presented, its formats and formatting as data, texts, media, artefact and communiqué. If we presume the limits on knowledge to be manifested by these very formats, what do these orientations and ‘disciplines’ of thought do to the way in which we approach research and ‘experimentation’? How are these outputs translated and transferred to the ‘publics’ we presume to be their audience? What are the dynamics and repercussions of new forms of publication, output, visualisation and rendering of research?

On the first meeting we will introduce the topic by focusing on two areas were rendering research for a certain community or public has been discussed intensively during the last years: ‘research creation’ and ‘artistic research’. Artistic practices are manifold and highly diverse and so the outcomes of projects in research fields related to these are likewise varied and multiple. How do we ‘render’ the outcomes (or the question of ‘outcomes’) in epistemic-artistic practices, that provide alternatives and alterity to texts or spoken language, and engage in negotiations of what ‘knowing’ can be? Artistic research is an activity for border-crossing between practice and theory, art and academia, engineering and science.

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