The theme for the autumn season of our colloquium is Media Reflexivity: Methods, forms and technologies coinciding (re)presentation and the (re)presented.

Media Reflexivity describes research practices and outputs of “doing while showing”, of media recursivity and irony — revealing substrates and formats while putting them to use. We are interested to present forms of research-practice and media that reconstitute, rehash, and remediate. Forms and formats are not taken for granted but taken up, into discourse and discussion.

Examples include: Understanding Comics (Scott McCloud 1993), Dan Sandin explains the Image Processor through the processing of images, Norman McLaren explains animation by animating, and Lesen Schreiben Denken (Markus Krajewski 2013).

The first meeting on September 23rd will be an introductory session hosted by Jamie Allen and Felix Gerloff.

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