Part of the lecture and performance series Community in Progress, conceived by Kevin Rittberger for Theatre Basel.

The second installment – Syntegrity – will be developed and staged on-site at IXDM’s Critical Media Lab. It will take the visitors on a journey into a future, in which the majority of people lives in self-organized Commons to counter climate change.

Together with the philosopher and historian of science Andrew Pickering, members of Neustart Schweiz and the cooperative Warmbächli from Bern, actors, as well as researchers from the Lab the performance will circle around the questions: What kind of rules does a Common require? How do you organize self-organization? At what point control becomes a threat for the individual? How could an entirely democratic and self-organized community in Basel could look like? In doing so, we will look at scenarios from the past like the cybernetization of whole nation states (Stafford Beer), involve epistemic toys to visualize complex and self-organizing processes, and probe possible futures of atmospheric environments and artificial worlds.

Participants: Cathrin Störmer, Inga Eickemeier, Elias Ellinghoff, Steffen Höld, Andrew Pickering, Nicholas Mortimer, Tobias Willimann as well as researchers of the Critical Media Lab Basel.

Video Documentation

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