The Commons-LARP is the first workshop within the research project Commons in Design. The workshop takes place in Zentrale Pratteln, a former logistic center, where participants live and work together for 24 hours.

The idea of commons as goods, that are made and managed by all parties concerned, usually implies an anthropocentric perspective/perception and excludes non-human necessities. The format of a Life Action Role Play is used as a process-oriented framework to research an alternative design of the ecosystem. By taking the role of a certain organism, the participants advocate for its needs and beliefs. The goal is to collaboratively design a symbiosis, that could meet everyone’s needs equally and foster synergies.

The workshop is made possible through Zentrale Pratteln (Denkstatt Sàrl), Fairteiler der Foodsharing Basel, Hasoso-Kollektiv.

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