The project No Palm is an Island investigates the Commons through the lens of environmental and media studies. A dynamic review of iconographies and media related to specific ecosystems will form the ground for a topical discussion about shared resources, rights and modes of governance in de-centred landscapes including humans, non humans and synthetic forms of life.

Our focus for this talk will be on hybrid and future ecosystems, but also on disappearing stereotypical landscape categories such as ´jungles´, ´wildlife´ or ´invasive species´. Each of these categories we use to describe/ prescribe our evolving environments has a relation with the question of the Commons, because they carry laws and aesthetics of co-living. We will study the bundle of myths, imagery, and technologies associated to these tropes. Through this critical look at the rendering of ´extreme´ landscapes through media, we will sketch different scenarios for Interspecies Commons.

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