Critical Media Lab colloquium session with IXDM researcher Selena Savic:

With an interest in communication as the act of making common or letting information circulate, I will present an attempt to rethink the relationship between matter and information in terms of a continuum rather than a discrete dichotomy. Thinking on scales of materiality and informedness, we can observe these as always already two sides of any particular thing.

I will question couplings such as software-hardware, living-inert, activity-intention, mapping the practice of making these distinctions to thinking in computation, biology or communication.

I will then show some of the practical experiments with materialities of Wi-Fi, materialities of Twitter discourse and finally my work within the research project Thinking Toys for Commoning, where I am currently developing a focus on commoning and technology. What kind of materialities do these practices result in and how do we treat matter and information in the context of commoning resources?

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