In this session, Ludwig Zeller, researcher at IXDM in the project Critical Artifacts and docent at the Institute of Visual Communication, will discuss two of his soon to be pusblished texts.

The first text (Das Design nach dem Ethical Turn) is a contribution to the ‘discourse’ section in the upcoming issue of form magazine. The text gives a brief overview of the ‘Ethical Turn’ discussed in the social sciences and the humanities. This turn accumulates a discourse around reactions and consequences on post-structural epistemology that have found manifold expressions since the 1990ies. The text concludes with some remarks on how this bigger picture resonates with the ongoing trend for crises rhetorics within the design fields and how this might shape its criticality.

The second text is a theoretical wrap up of a project that was created in context of the Experimental Data Aesthetics project a while ago. The project – and therefore the text – is a collaboration with Martin Rumori from IEM in Graz, who wrote the communication science part towards the end of the text.

Both texts are available upon request, if you plan to come to the session. Please contact Moritz Greiner-Petter.

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