This year’s CoCreate Week was following the topic „inclusion“. Together with 20 students from the institutes Fashion, Art, Industrial Design, Hyperwerk and Visual Communication, we explored the entangled coexistence of more than human entities in everyday urban life.
Viruses, like bacteria or other microorganisms, are part of our everyday life. However, we are rarely confronted with threatening scenarios such as the current corona pandemic. Such scenarios have led us to consider „inclusion” in a more than human environment. Therefor the course dealed with entangled coexistence in everyday urban life and focus on social and creative fields.
In addition to the research in self-organised groups, field visits to local Basel initiatives gave us a basis for developing our own work into an inclusive everyday life: a workshop for the blind with integrated brush making and basket weaving, Plan B, a tree exhibition from and a research project of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW, which investigates the potential of green rooftops for biodiversity in the city.
The chosen topics of the working groups range from the entangled coexistence of multiple personal identities, to the haptic and auditive experience of craftsmanship, to the network communication of trees, and speculative proposals for greening the campus area.
The results can be found on instagram @cc_koexistenz. Its interface, which is both platform and format, enables us to relate the diverse visual, auditive and textual outcomes to each other in a collective “co-curation”.

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