Project overview

In opening this grant programme, Atelier Mondial is collaborating with the HeK (House of Electronic Arts), the Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures (ixdm) at the Academy of Art and Design (HGK/FHNW) and the Société des Arts Téchnologiques (SAT) to offer a pilot exchange project in the field of media art. Through the careful selection of its partners on location, “Electronic Intersections” wishes to give media artists from various areas the opportunity to explore the fluctuating connections between science and fiction, future media art and its placement, technological research and development, and their own art work: for three months, the grantee will be able to engage with the diverse activities of SAT and its broad “Metalab” research area, where they will receive support from the SAT team. The grantee will stay in one of five well-equipped studios that are made available to artists by the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec (CALQ) in Montréal. In return, Atelier Mondial will welcome an artist in the media art field from Montréal into one of its newly built studios in the Dreispitz area of Basel. The artist will be overseen by the HeK in cooperation with the ixdm of the HGK/FHNW, which also offer the artist a chance to work at the nearby Critical Media Lab as well as providing artistic support. The HeK also provides the artist the opportunity to present the work they complete during their stay.

Eligibility requirements

Media artists are eligible to apply regardless of age or nationality, but they must provide proof that they live or work within commuting distance of Atelier Mondial, i.e. in the cantons of BS and BL, in southern Baden (no further than Freiburg im Breisgau) or in Alsace.
The stay abroad is intended as a work programme and should primarily offer the participant the time and space they need to put their creativity to work. The studio placement in Montréal requires open communication and a great deal of initiative. Basic knowledge of the host country and basic skills in English or French are essential. Participants are required to organise their own travel plans (including visa application, medical check-up, etc.).

Funding aim

The primary aim of the exchange placement in Montréal is to gain new and lasting impetus for individual art work by actively participating in the existing media/art/research network and to apply this impetus to the art scene in the three-country border region.

Further information

Call and application form (PDF)

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