Inspired by the concept of second culture developed in former Czechoslovakia, the performance is a meditation on the politics of listening and territory. What might we hear within the frame of second culture? Is there a second listening to be performed, one that might give space for a polyphony of soundings? Staged as a session of collective listening, the performance considers sound as a vital medium for subject formation, and asks us to hear beyond the territorial rigidity of first culture, to form a temporary node of emancipatory acoustics.

Medialogue is a joint research colloquium of the Institute of Media Studies, University Basel, and the Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures, Academy of Art and Design FHNW. Medialogue will serve as a forum of exchange on current issues of media (research) practice, a testing ground for research approaches and hypotheses, and an endeavour to extend the very format of a colloquium. Medialogue as a series will take place at different locations and combine elements like demonstrations, guest lectures, text discussions, and experiments.

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