With the aim of questioning and challenging established forms of knowledge production, Annotating Publishing & Print focuses on the distinctive ways knowledge is created, materialized, circulated and received by means of publishing and publications. Publishing is not solely an act of making knowledge public but a material and discursive practice and process geared at creating a public or diverse publics. Therefore publishing is not limited to a specific moment and a single act of mediation but circumspans diverse institutions, processes, activities, relationships, and actors. Publishing has an inherently social and relational character and a potential to bring together different experiences, genealogies of thought, knowing practices and knowledge systems around collective issues. The Association for the Research of Circular Studies* has put together the reader Print, examining ‘reality making’ internal to the practice of printing, through attention to the double nature of print as at once directing our thoughts towards the interpretation of reality and producing meaning in its spatial materiality. The reader Publishing compiled by Rebekka Kiesewetter and Lucie Kolb looks at the social bonds and relations that might emerge from publishing, and asks in how far corresponding activities might question existing academic publishing systems and practices, challenging established hegemonies and fixtures in scholarly knowledge production and institutions.

*headquarters: Rebecca Carson and Verina Gfader

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