For this first event of the Annotating series looking at perspectives and modulations to institutional ways of life, we use the lenses of Feminism & Performance.
Jamie Allen and Lucie Kolb will discuss feminist strategies with/through/against institutions; practices that don’t criticize institutions as they are, but aim at changing the ways in which modulations can be proposed. They ask as to what strategies are needed in order to rework institutions for them to be informed by intersectional ethics.
Livia Andrea Piazza and Heike Bröckerhoff treat the notion of the institution itself as a construction site, a reformulatable fiction. They plan to dig holes into our ways of thinking of this we call an institution. In using the performative force of fiction, they seek ways to demolish naturalized institutions and practices and to outlines new models of institutions. They are inspired by and conspire with plants, squids, artists, anthropologists, anarchists they are seeking ways to think institutions otherwise as clouds, swamps, holes or gardens.

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