The next session of the Critical Media Lab Colloquium will take place, Wednesday the 3rd of December at the Critical Media Lab (D 3.05) from 4:15 to 5:45 PM.

For the sixth session of our first Critical Media Lab colloquium series — What Constitutes Critique? — we host a session with Moritz Greiner-Petter.

Starting point might be the notion of material embodiment as a “resistance to the totalizing drive of the digital”, as Johanna Drucker writes in the text for that session. In another account she states: “… I invoke aesthetics in order to suggest that the force of materiality supports provocations to knowing.” Is the incompensability of aesthetic manifestation a source for critique? Leading to another (maybe more pracitical) side of the topic, the discussion could tap on the question of an aesthetics of critique. How to perform in a critical manner? And how can the „form“ convey a critique of its own? How to express critical styles of practice, be it writing, teaching, designing, researching…?

As a background for the session, please fly over the following chapter, if you have time:
Johanna Drucker (2009), “Graphesis and Code”. In: “SpecLab : digital aesthetics and projects in speculative computing”, Chicago, p. 133–143.

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