The anthropocene is imposing itself every day with a more acute urgency that opens a precipice, so great seems the inaction. This collapse offers the possibility of a turning point. Answering the question “What should we do?” also means asking ourselves “How should we think?”

In response to the conference themes of anthropocenic collapse in which movements are hinged on feelings of urgency and inaction, the IXDM associated researchers test the consequences of collapseologics and our primary mode of working through critique. Based on the assumption that research is performative as it is a public presentation of itself, in the sense that it participates in constructing and enacting the reality that it describes. Both dimensions of performativity of art and design research practices are staged, examined and discussed. Following the score of a rehearsal and table read, their “Colloquium” offers reflections on and propositions for our own practices under the speculative conditions of a world without computers.

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